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            Terms of use  

            Brapu Website Terms of Use


            1 Scope



            1.1 This website ("Brapu Website") provided by Brapu (China) Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. and / or its affiliates ("Brapu") shall comply with these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use may be modified, amended or replaced by other terms and conditions, such as when the Products and Services are purchased. Once you log in or log in to access or use the Brapu website, you are accepting the terms of use of the current version.


            1.2 If the content of the website is for a company or a public enterprise, such companies or enterprises will be represented by the user and must assume that the user has the appropriate knowledge and takes appropriate action.


            1.3 If the user uses the Brapu website as a commercial user, that is, it does not act outside the scope of its trade, business or professional purpose, or uses the Brapu website as an administrative user, the German Civil Code, section 312e Section 1-3 of paragraph 1 does not apply.


            2. service


            2.1 The Brapu website contains special information and software for browsing or downloading, as well as (as the case may be) related documents.

            The same time as


            2.2 Brapu can stop the Brapu website in whole or in part at any time. Due to the characteristics of the network and the computer system, Brapu does not assume any responsibility for the continued availability of the Brapu subweb.

            The same time as


            3. Registration, password


            The same time as Some pages of the 3.1Brapu website are password protected. For security and the security of business transactions, only registered users can access the above pages. Brapu reserves the right to refuse any user to register. Brapu reserves the right to decide to convert some of the previously freely accessible sites into sites that require registration. Brapu has the right at any time to deny access to the password-protected area by blocking user data (as defined below) and Brapu is not obligated to state the reasons for rejection, especially if the user

            Use false data for registration;

            Violation of these Terms of Use or negligence with respect to user data;

            Violation of relevant laws when accessing or using the Brapu website;

            The Brapu website was not used for a longer period of time.

            3.2 At the time of registration, the user shall provide accurate information and update the information as soon as the information changes over time (if possible: online). The user should ensure that the e-mail address it provides to Brapu is always valid and can be addressed to the user's address.


            3.3 After registration, Brapu will provide the user with an access code ("User Data") containing the username and password. For the first time, the user should immediately change the password received from Brapu to the password that the user knows only. User data allows the user to view or modify their data or (where applicable) revoke its consent for data processing.


            3.4 The User shall ensure that the third party is unable to obtain user data and is responsible for all transactions or other activities conducted under its user data. After each login, the user should exit the password protected site. If the user discovers that his / her third party has improperly used his or her user data, the user should inform Brapu of the above situation in writing or, as the case may be, by e-mail, within the scope of the search.


            3.5 Upon receipt of the notice, upon receipt of the notice in Section 3.4, Brapu will refuse to use the user data to access the password-protected area. The user can only access the password protected area after applying or re-registering with Brapu.


            3.6 As long as the deletion of the data does not violate the appropriate performance of the relevant contractual relationship, the user may at any time request in writing to terminate its registration. In this case, Brapu will remove all user data that is no longer needed and other personally identifiable information stored by the user as soon as possible.


            4. The right to use information, software and documentation


            4.1 Any information, software and documentation provided or distributed through the Brapu Website are governed by these Terms of Use or, upon renewal, comply with the relevant license terms agreed with Brapu. The agreed license terms (such as the Software Download License Terms) shall prevail over these Terms of Use.


            4.2 Brapu grants to the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-licenseable license within the agreed scope, or (if not discussed above) within the intended scope of the information provided by Brapu, to allow the user to use the Brapu Web site provides or publishes information, software and documentation.


            4.3 The software should be provided free of charge in the form of object code. There is no right to request the source code. The above provisions do not apply to the following source code relating to open source software, that is, the license terms in the transfer of open source software prior to the terms of use and the license terms required to provide the source code. In the above case, Brapu shall provide the source code in exchange for the payment of the fee.

            4.4 Information, software and documentation shall not be distributed by any person to any third party at any time and may not be leased or otherwise disclosed. The user may not modify the software or documentation, nor disassemble, reverse engineer or decompile the software or isolate any part of the software, unless permitted by mandatory law. If there is a need for further use in accordance with these Terms of Use, the user may back up a copy of the Software.


            4.5 Information, software and documentation are protected by copyright and international copyright treaties and other laws and conventions relating to intellectual property. The user shall comply with the above-mentioned laws, and in particular may not modify, conceal or remove any alphanumeric code, logo or copyright notice in the information and in the software or in the document or any of its copies.


            4.6 Article 69a of the German Copyright Act and its following provisions are not affected by the above provisions.


            5. Intellectual property rights


            5.1 Notwithstanding the specific provisions of Article 4 of these Terms of Use, the information, brand name and other contents of the Brapu website may not be altered, copied, reproduced, sold, rented, used, supplemented or otherwise used without the prior written consent of Brapu The


            5.2 Brapu does not grant any other rights to the User except as expressly granted to the Terms of Use and other rights, nor does it imply an obligation to grant further rights. It is hereby expressly excluded from any and all patents and licenses.


            5.3Brapu is free to use any advice or advice stored on the Brapu website for the development, improvement and sale of Brapu products.


            6. User obligations


            6.1 When accessing or using the Brapu website, the user may not

            Harm others (especially minors) or violate the personal rights of others;

            Violation of public morality;

            Infringe any intellectual property or other proprietary rights;

            Upload the contents of the virus (the so-called "Trojan") or any other program that could damage the data;

            Transmit, store or upload unauthorized hyperlinks or content to users, especially if such hyperlinks or contents violate confidentiality obligations or illegal;

            Publish an ad or an unnamed e-mail (so-called "spam") or issue a virus, defective error alert or disseminate similar information, the user may not solicit or request participation in any lottery, snowball system, chain letter, pyramid game or similar event The


            6.2Brapu may at any time refuse access to the Brapu website, especially if the user violates any obligations arising from the terms of use.


            7. Hyperlinks

            The Brapu website can contain hyperlinks to third-party web pages. Brapu is not responsible for the content of such pages, nor does it claim or endorse such pages or their contents as Brapu, as Brapu does not control the information on such pages and is not responsible for the content and information of such pages. Users are at risk of using the information on these pages.


            8. Responsibility for ownership or quality defects


            8.1 Brapu shall not be liable for any defects in the quality or title of the information, software and documentation, and shall not be liable for any correctness, non-defective nature for any information, software or documentation free of charge, except in connection with intentional misconduct or fraud , No claimability, no third party rights, completeness, or suitability for the purpose.


            The information on the 8.2Brapu website may contain specifications or general descriptions that may relate to the technical possibilities of individual products and may not be disclosed in certain circumstances (as a result of product changes). The performance required by the product must therefore be agreed upon by both parties at each purchase.


            9. other responsibilities, viruses


            9.1Brapu The responsibility for quality and ownership defects shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of these Terms of Use. Brapu does not assume, unless required by law, such as under the Production Responsibility Act or in the event of intentional misconduct, gross negligence, personal injury or death, failure to satisfy the warranted feature, fraudulent concealment of the defect or breach of basic contractual obligations Any further responsibility. In the absence of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, damages arising from breach of basic contractual obligations should be limited to common and foreseeable damage to the contract.


            9.2 Although Brapu will do its best to keep the Brapu website from viruses, Brapu can not guarantee that its site is free of viruses. For self-protection, the user should take the necessary steps to ensure that appropriate security measures and should be scanned with any virus scanning program when downloading any information, software or documentation.


            9.3 Paragraphs 9.1 and 9.2 are not intended and do not imply any change in the burden of proof against the user.


            10. Compliance with export control regulations


            10.1 If the user transfers the information, software and documentation provided by Brapu to a third party, the user shall comply with all applicable domestic and international (re) export control regulations. In the above transfer, the user shall comply with the (re) export control regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union and the United States of America.


            10.2 Before the above-mentioned transfer is made with a third party, the user shall, in particular, check and ensure, by appropriate measures,

            The act of providing such other acts of transfer or other economic resources relating to the information, software and documentation provided by Brapu does not violate the embargo imposed by the European Union, the United States of America and / or the United Nations; taking into account restrictions on domestic transactions and Prohibition of embargo.


            If information related to arms, nuclear technology and weapons is prohibited or requires authorization, information, software and documentation provided by Brapu are not intended for such use, except where the required authorization is provided.


            The provisions of the European Union and the United States of America on all lists of sanctions against entities, individuals and organizations that prohibit trade are considered.


            10.3 If it is necessary for the relevant organization or Brapu to carry out export control checks, the user shall promptly provide Brapu with the end user, destination and use of the information, software and documentation provided by Brapu upon receipt of the request of Brapu All information and inform Brapu of any export control restrictions that exist.


            10.4 For any claim, suit, suit, penalty, loss and damages arising out of or in connection with the User's non-compliance with the Export Control Regulations, the User shall indemnify Brapu of any loss and expense suffered by the above reasons, Will be subject to any damage, unless the above situation is not due to the user's fault caused. The provisions of this article do not imply a change in the burden of proof.


            10.5 Brapu's obligation to fulfill the agreement is governed by the following restrictions that the performance obligation is not prohibited by domestic and international trade and customs regulations or any embargo or other sanctions.


            11. Data privacy protection


            Brapu shall comply with the laws relating to data privacy protection and the Brapu website data protection privacy policy in order to collect, use and process personally identifiable information that may be identified by the user of the Brapu website. The above laws may be made available on the Brapu website and / www.brapuchina.com.


            12. Supplementary agreement, jurisdiction, applicable law


            12.1 Any supplementary agreement shall be in writing.



            12.2 If the user is a commercial subject specified in the German Commercial Code, the jurisdiction shall be Munich.


            12.3 The pages on the Brapu website are run and managed by Brapu AG and / or its affiliates. Each page complies with the law applicable to the country in which the company is located. Brapu has not made any representation that the information, software and / or documentation on the Brapu website is suitable or available for browsing or downloading elsewhere in the country. If the user visits the Brapu website from a location other than that country, it is responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws. Brapu will prohibit the country from accessing the Brapu website if the information, software and / or documentation of the Brapu website is not lawful in the country of the visit. In this case, when the user attempts to trade with Brapu, the user should contact Brapu for the representative of a particular country affairs.


            12.4 These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Germany and all disputes relating to these Terms of Use or their subject matter shall be settled in accordance with German law, except where there is a conflict of laws rule. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods promulgated on 11 April 1980 does not apply here.


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